havens hospices privacy notice – supporters & volunteers

If ever you want to know how we know something about you, just ask. You are in control of your information and the information we send you, and can make changes at any time.  Every time you hear from us we’ll give you the chance to change the information you want to receive from us and when.  You are in charge!

This privacy notice applies to personal information we collect from you whether you volunteer for us in any capacity, donate money to us, drop off donations at one of our shops, or are a supporter interested in our work.

This privacy notice explains who we are, why we collect your personal information, how we use it, the occasions we may disclose it to others and the choices you have over what contact we make with you.

We will inform you if this privacy notice changes through communications we have with you in person, over the telephone, on our website, through signage on our premises, and where necessary, in writing.

If you have any questions about our privacy notice or data protection you can contact us as follows:

Email: dataprotectionofficer@havenshospices.org.uk

Post: Stuart House, 47 Second Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SS0 8HX

Telephone: 01702 220350

Website: www.havenshospices.org.uk 

who are we?

We are Havens Hospices, based in Essex.  We provide hospice care for babies, children, teenagers and adults who have been diagnosed with life-limiting or incurable illness and we offer support to their families.  Through our two hospices, Fair Havens and Little Havens, and our specialist young adult service, The J’s, we are making every day count for the people we care for.  We are a registered charity (1022119) and a company limited by guarantee (2805007) and our administration office is at Stuart House (as above).

why do we collect your personal information?

  • We want to thank you for your interest in Havens Hospices and stay in touch with you in case you feel able to support us in the future too
  • As a provider of hospice care we only receive a small amount of funding from the NHS so we have to raise all the other funds needed to run Havens Hospices from the donations of supporters like you and we want to inform you of ways you can continue to support us financially
  • We want to keep you up to date with our services so that word spreads and more people benefit from our services and support our services in the future
  • If you are a volunteer in any capacity we will collect your information as part of our recruitment process and this  will be used to ensure you have the correct qualifications for your role, for checking your employment status, for contacting you about events or sending letters of thanks
  • Sometimes we legally have to ask you for certain personal information e.g. when processing Gift Aid.

who do we share your personal information with?

  • Employees and volunteers of Havens Hospices that are subject to a confidentiality clause in their employment contracts
  • Third party service providers we use for the purpose of completing a specific task such as sending bulk mailings or making telephone calls.  We only share the personal information necessary to deliver the service and we have contracts in place that require third parties to keep your personal information secure and not to use it for anything else. 
  • If you donate goods to our shops and allow us to benefit from Gift Aid then we will enter your name, address, and postcode on to our electronic cash register system provided by www.nisyst.co.uk.  Nisyst collect data from our tills and provide this to us on request. This information is legally required for the purposes of claiming Gift Aid and we send this information to the HMRC.
  • Secure payment providers www.paypal.com, www.worldpay.com and www.rapidataservices.com collect personal financial information if you use credit or debit cards for registering for events or regular gifts via our website.  This personal financial information is not shared with us or retained on our database.
  • If you are a supporter or volunteer your personal information is entered onto our supporter database and this is hosted and supported by www.blackbaud.com and our data is stored in a datacentre in the EU.
  • If you are an employee or volunteer that works with our patients then we will share your personal information with the Disclosure & Barring Service, in line with our Safeguarding Policy. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/disclosure-and-barring-service
  • If you sign up to our Weekly Draw we use a company called www.sterlinglotteries.co.uk to collect your personal and financial information. Sterling lotteries pass the financial information to www.rapidataservices.com  to undertake the transactions.
  • We will share your information with law enforcement authorities if we are required to release your personal information by law due to a court order or for the prevention of fraud or other crime
  • If you are a volunteer and any future employer of yours requests a certificate of volunteering, then we will seek your consent before sharing your personal information.

how do we collect personal information from you?

  • Through meeting you face to face or over the telephone
  • When you give it to us via a donation, a registration form, our website or through letters you send us
  • Through application forms, letters or CVs when you apply for a role as a volunteer
  • When you use our any of our services
  • When you volunteer or attend events
  • From the public domain; even if you have not directly given us your information we might already know something about you because our patients, staff and volunteers are mostly local and might know you through mutual friendships, clubs, churches or as neighbours.  We might then contact you with information about special events being held to support Havens Hospices which we have discovered you might have a special interest in e.g. classic car shows, golf days, sponsored walks
  • From publically available sources like post code areas, Companies House, social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook

We will tell you how we collected any personal information about you and you have the right to see what personal information we have and the right to tell us not to keep it. You can do this using the contact details above.

what personal information do we collect?

We collect different personal information on different occasions you have contact with us but this might include your name, address, telephone number, email address, IP address, information regarding what activity you have shown interest in or the pages you have accessed on our website.

We note down, if we are aware, when you have a personal connection to the hospice because you or a loved one of yours have used our services.  We assure you that the detail of patient’s medical information is stored on a safe, secure and separate database which is never accessed by anyone other than the Care Teams and patient identifiable medical information is never shared not even with other parts of the Havens Hospices organisation.  If we are not aware of your connection this is only because the information has not been shared with us by you.

what about sensitive information?

Data protection law recognises ‘sensitive personal data’ or ‘special categories of data’ covering health information, race and ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs and political opinions, among other things.

We do not collect these types of information unless there is a clear reason to do so.  For example where we have a duty to carry out appropriate checks for volunteers for safeguarding purposes or where we collect health information to ensure we can care appropriately for participants in an event or activity (health information will only be held for the duration of the event and destroyed after the event).

If we collect these types of information we will make it clear to you what our legitimate interest is and any other legal grounds for processing this information.

how is the personal information we collect about you used?

  • To tell you about the difference your gifts make and what it enables us to do
  • To ask if you will help us again in the future by giving another gift, volunteering or using our charity shops
  • To tell you about our fundraising events or those organised on our behalf, especially those that we think you might have a special interest in
  • To invite you to our memorial services to remember loved ones
  • To process a donation you have made     
  • To process orders you have submitted
  • To carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into by you and us
  • To provide appropriate support if you are participating in an event (e.g. contacting your next of kin if we have permission to do so)
  • To deal with your entry into a competition or our weekly draw
  • To send communications you have requested
  • To better tailor any requests we make of you so that they reflect your specific interests and so that any funding requests are at an appropriate financial level

do we keep your information forever?

Unless you say otherwise, we will retain your personal information and continue to supply you with the communications you have requested from us for two years, unless you request otherwise.

However if we have not had any response from you within those two years we will archive your data record and remove all your personal data except that which we are legally required to hold to fulfil our statutory obligations (e.g. regarding Gift Aid).

what are your choices?

You have absolute control over the information you receive from us. If you do not want to receive information about our service and how your gifts have helped, or about specific events or activities like our Light Up A Life campaign, or other fundraising activities, then you can change this at any time by ticking the relevant boxes on the form we use to collect your information, or by letting us know. 

You can control the type of information you receive and the way you receive it, for example you can choose to receive everything by email.

We understand that you may want to change the information you want to receive at different times, so we promise to always keep these choices open.  Every time we contact you there will be the option of changing what you receive, and how you receive it.  We call this ‘continuous consent’ because it means we stay in touch with what you want.

how can you access and update your personal information?

You have the right to ask to see the personal information we hold about you.  We will respond to any request to access your personal information within 28 days.  If you just want to change the personal information you have provided to us at any time then please visit our website www.havenshospices.org.uk/update or call us on  01702 220345, or email us on changeme@havenshospices.org.uk

what is the legal basis for processing your data?

We use a contractual basis for processing data relating to any subscriptions, purchases and events you have booked and for the selection of winners from our weekly draw.

We rely on legitimate interest when balancing the interests of Havens Hospices needs to fundraise against your rights and freedoms and considering your reasonable expectations about how your personal information is used including:

  • If you have given a gift or taken part in an event we believe you have the reasonable right to be thanked and updated on how your money was used and the impact that has made.
  • If you have not directly told us yourself that you want to receive a communication from Havens Hospices we will consider carefully whether on balance we feel it is legitimate to contact you.  We use a ‘legitimate interest assessment’ every time for:
    • Mailing information we think you might be interested in based on your previous engagement with us
    • Mailing information such as our bi annual newsletter or impact report
    • Using profiling activity* to better tailor any requests we make of you so that they reflect your specific interests and so that any funding requests are at an appropriate financial level
  • Informing you of the fundraising needs of Havens Hospices and asking for your support using the channels you have indicated previously (e.g. email, telephone)

We use compliance with a legal obligation as the basis for processing any legally required activity such as Gift Aid returns to HMRC.

However, you are in control of your information and the information we send you, and can make changes at any time.  So every time you hear from us we’ll give you the chance to change the information you want to receive from us and when – we call this ‘continuous consent’.  If you tell us you do not want to hear from us, then we promise not to contact you.  You are in charge!

Your ‘Continuous Consent’ means we know you’re happy with the information you receive from Havens Hospices. But if you need to change something or want us to stop, you can do this at any time.  You can change your preferences by visiting our website www.havenshospices.org.uk/update, or call us on 01702 220345, or email us on changeme@havenshospices.org.uk

what is profiling activity?

Profiling activity means, as we aim to keep our fundraising costs low, we use a tailored and relevant approach.   To do this we use personal information you have given us yourself or personal information which we locate in the public domain through desk or online research (including social media, geographic and demographic information, news articles etc) so we can send you communications offering you things we think you may be interested in (e.g. if you took part in a bike ride we might send you information about the next one).  We also use profiling activity for wealth screening to try to make our financial ‘asks’ at an appropriate level.  You opt out of your personal information being used for research and wealth screening at any time, or you can ask for an explanation of what we do using the contact details above.

what if you are i6 years old or under?

If you are aged 16 or under and want to take part in an event, make a donation or get involved with us we must see permission for this from your parent or guardian first before you can give us your personal information.

When we collect personal information from anyone 16 or under we will make it clear why we are collecting this personal information, how it will be used and we will ensure any further communication is age appropriate.

what about transferring your personal information outside the european union (eu)?

If you give personal information directly to Havens Hospices it will be held in the UK and covered by UK laws regarding data protection and security.

However personal information you provide through services offered to you via our website, including online donations and payment facilities, may be transferred to countries outside the EU (for example online donation providers such as www.worldpay.com and www.Paypal.com have servers located outside the EU).  These countries may not have similar data protection laws to the UK.  By submitting your personal information you are agreeing to this transfer, storing or processing.  If we transfer your personal information outside of the EU in this way we will take steps to ensure that appropriate security measures are taken with the aim of ensuring your privacy rights continue to be protected as outlined in this policy. Be aware if you use our services while you are outside the EU yourself your information may be transferred outside the EU in order to provide you with those services.

when does havens hospices use 'cookies'?

When you are online, like many other websites, the Havens Hospices website uses cookies. A cookie is a text file containing small amounts of information which a server downloads to your PC/mobile when you visit a website. The server then sends a cookie back to the originating website each time you subsequently visit it.

There are different types of cookies which are used to remember your preferences, allow you to navigate between pages efficiently and improving your overall experience.  The Havens Hospices website uses cookies to help you in your interactions with our site. Most cookies are session cookies, lasting only for the duration of your visit.

Certain cookies will last beyond your session enabling an enhanced user experience i.e. if you have voted in a poll you are prevented from voting multiple times.  If you do not wish for our cookies to be used for your session please terminate.

 review of this privacy notice

This privacy notice was last reviewed on 29th March 2018.

Havens Hospices regularly reviews this privacy notice to ensure compliance

but it will be formally reviewed no later than every three months from the above date.

Contact us today on 01702 220350 or email us